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We organize a wide range of deep desert excursions, camel trekking, quad biking from the bivouac of Nomades in Lac.

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Welcome to Bivouac les nomades

Let me introduce myself, my Name is Mustafa Elayadi, I grew up in the desert between foum Zguid and m’hamid. Between the endless Ocean of Sand and the hard edges of the Jebel Bani mountains is my home, as a child I lived the live of a traditional Nomade with my father and the goats. After I went out to study English in Agadir I came back to the desert, away from the modern life and back to the simple one, to my family to do what I feel that my passion is, to share a little bit of the magic of this place, where I was growing up. For this I started my business, founding morocco desert excursion and got the permission from my tribe to build up my traditional Nomade Camp for Tourists in the middle of the dunes. As the son of goat farmer I don’t have a luxury car for your ride in the desert, I don’t have a Program, organised from A-Z and a big group you can join in. When you come with me, you can be sure that your trip will be individual, and that it will be authentic. Can you imagine sitting in between the erg chegaga, the big dunes of my home on a camp fire? When you look up you can see the stars and the milky way as bright as never before in your life. We still sing the songs that my grandfathers where singing 100 years ago in the same place, but when you go for a walk in the Sand you hear nothing but this silence, which poets write about. Which animal left his tracks in the sand next to the camp, was it the fennek, the desert fox? Which animals live in the desert and how can you find them? What herbs you can use for food and medicine? Is the vulcano still active? Where are the petroglyphes, the stoneage paintings and what do they show? Where can we find some fossils and what are the songs of our grandfathers about? I am happy to answer all of your questions as good as I can and make an individual Programm which fits for you interests. The area around the Iriki lake gives a lot of space for different activities in all types of desert and canyon labyrinth of the Jebel Bani. (we give garantie that all our work is as much ecologic as the sorroundings allow it. All the camels we use are free to walk around and life their original life most part of the year).If you are a single person or a group until 50 persons, Camel rides or transports by 4×4 vehicles, professional movie maker or normal tourist, we will find a solution for everything. The following trips are examples for your trip in the desert

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Desert Tours

Desert lake iriki gazels Special Offer
Days 165€

Daily desert tour foum zguid

From foum zguid you can book one night,day visit tour to lake iriki and Chegaga desert.for more information please contact our experts.

Special Offer
13 days 480€

Foum Zguid desert excursion to Chegaga and Lac Iriki

Come and live the authentic desert with us.sleeping under the stars and take the advantures of experience the difficulty of the the desert

Special Offer
1 Night 100

Chegaga desert tours

Departure from foum zguid to Chegaga desert. Joind us to pas a wonderfully night in Chegaga desert camp in the middle of the big dunes of chegaga to enjoy the beautiful sun set from the back of the camel and to feel the silence an the majic of the desert of Chegaga and lake iriki.

Special Offer
1 100€

Chegaga desert one night one day

Meet your guide in foum zguid to pass a wonderful night in Chegaga desert camp. The next morning you will enjoy the sun rise in the back of the camels . After returning to the camp and have breakfast back to foum zguid . In the way you will discover the nomadic school and the foussils.

Explore the Most Popular

Desert Trekking

Bivouac Les nomades 💯% nomades Special Offer
days 200€

Foum zguid camel treeking

5 days camel treeking from the oisis of Elmadouar Elkbiiir ( the tagine mountains). The 4×4 will take us to the oisis of Elmadouar Elkbiiir from foum zguid half an hour drive. The next morning we will start our treeking direction to the dunes of lake iriki passing by the dry lake iriki.

Special Offer
9 days 355€

Lake iriki desert treeking

Lake iriki is the perfect desert for camel treeking, there is no better way than the camels to discover the authentic desert lake iriki and the few animal surviving in the area.from Bivouac les nomades we start our treeking to the most beautiful places around

Special Offer
7 days 80€

Mountain tours with donkies

Discover the mountains of jebal bani and the small atlas with Donkies, to see the beautiful desert.