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Special Offer

14 days in the desert of lack iriki,Chegaga start from foum zguid

Special Offer

💯% nomades

To explore the beauty of the desert and the nature.we come up with this program in which you will learn a lot about the nomads and nomadic. Our parents was real Nomades living in the desert and moving from one place to an other according to season and rain.especily when was the broder free so that they can cross to the other countries like Mali ,nieger,borkinafasou,Tchad and in this program called 💯% Nomads you will pass thé advanture of crossing the desert from foum zguid which is the last point to the desert, to zagora passing by lac iriki .we will take our need in the back of dromadaires and walk like the nomads. You will learn how to prepare nomads food and how to survive in the desert. have desert experiences is not to pass the desert in one or two days.we know that some of our customers they don’t have much time so they can take the ordinary excursions from the list but this one is for the special people whom have enough time and are interested in having an unforgettable desert advanture. our adventure start from Marrakesh.we meet all our team members in Marrakesh in the riad, hotel or the hostel.after having dinner together and got to know each other.we explain you the expedition in details.the next morning we pick you up from you hotel and take the raod through the small berber villages in the high atalas. after 6 hours of driving with the mini bus we arrived in the last city to foum zguid (the door of the desert). We will find our hotel ready after a welcoming Moroccan tea. We go for shopping and preparing for the expedition.what do you need to buy? For sure in the desert it is Windy sometimes this is why we all the time advice our clients to buy a desert chech (turban)so that they can cover their faces when it is windy.the next morning after breakfast and in city side we find the camel team waiting for us.we pack all our staff and need on the camels and we start our advanture.during the adavanture we will be in the hidden oisis in the middle of no where.we will cross the dunes to the other side. We will cross mountains,lake iriki,rivers,this is why all members must do some training before the expedition so as to be able to make it.


This is one of the most important advanture in the region that you should take. You will never forget this advanture

Day 1 – arrive in foum zguid

foum zguid is a small town in the south of Morocco not far from warzzazate. After arriving in foum zguid we will visit the old kasbah (la kasbah Oum hansh), make some shopping, and buy our need for the advanture.the next morning we have breakfast very early and take the raod to the dromadaire place 1 klm from foum zguid

Day 2 – start the advanture from foum zguid – Elmadouar lkbiir.

  after meeting the dromadaires team and little introduction of the team we start the advanture walking through the hamada direction Elmadouar Elkbiir.  We will pass the night in the oisis of Elmadouar around 19 klm from foum zguid.

Day 3 – Elmadouar Elkbiir – The plateau of Elmadouar sghiiir.

there is around 18 klm from Elmadouar Elkbiir to Elmadouar sghiir . In the evening we will walk the mountain of Elmadouar in which there is the plateau in which we will enjoy the beautiful view .

Day 4 – Elmadouar sghiir – lac irik

Elmadouar lkbiir
Sahara trekking

Visit he fousils and cross the dry lac iriki

Day 5 – lac iriki – dune de  Erg Elmhazil

.         In the early morning and after having breakfast we start this long day walk with the camels after we fill our bottles of water from the last well in Elmadouar. The first short break will be in the foussils then continue to cross the dry lake iriki. In the middle of lake iriki we will have lunch under the trees of tammaris then continue to the big dunes of lake iriki where we will pass the night in Bivouac les nomades to have a desert shower

Day 6 -Erg Elmhazil- zouiar lbaid

From the camp we will walk north crossing the dry salty plateau of lake iriki in the south side of zaouit sidi abd enabi,and arrive in zouiar lbaid ( the white river).where will camp close to the oisis.

Day 7 -zouiar lbaid – Erg Elghoul

In this day the area will be different it will change to hamada then to one of the most beautiful dunes in the area Erg Elghoul. In our way we will visit my family nomades and during tea with them ,then visit the nomadic school and meet the teacher to discover how nomades they study? Who bring them the school? To Wich level they can continue thier studies ? And why? . Continue to Erg Elghoul.

Day 8 -Erg Elghoul – ouad Elmhasser

After enjoying an amazing night in the big beautiful d’une Erg Elghoul, we continue through a Rocky River called oued Elmhasser. Our destination for today will be the swimming pool of nomades, geltat Elmsaffi one of the main beautiful and big geltas in the area.

Day 9 ouad Elmhasser- diabi oisis

After enjoying the day in swimming in the gelta of Elmsaffi. We continue north direction of jabel bani. We will visit zaouit Elmhasser which means alot of nomades tents gathering together in one place . The singular word of Elmhasser is Mahsser and this later consist of alot of Nomades tents in the past and to discover the history of this places ,then visit the old building of the Portugal’s when they were occupying Morocco.

Day 10 cross jabel bani to Elfayja

The advanture of crossing jabel bani is waiting!. We will also visit the old stone painting.


Day 11- Elfayja rgab ntal

Reaching the other side of jabel bani after enjoying the panoramic view from the top of jabel bani

Day 12 reach zagora

We will cross Elfayja close to the beautiful oisis direction to zagora. We will camp few mile from zagora the last day expedition.

Day 13 -back to marrakech

At 8:00 in the morning after the last breakfast in the desert with Nomades, it is hard to say good bye to the camel team but we must unfortunately because the minibuses will be waiting for us.

We will walk 1 kilometer to meet the driver . We will continue our way direction to Marrakesh crossing by the small Berber villages in the way,we will have lunch at the begining of the high atlas . We can also visit the Kasbah of ait Ben haddou if you wont. Arrive at Marrakesh in the evening.

Important Information

Price Includes

  • transfers from Marrakech to foum zguid and back to marrakech
  • 13 night accomodation and days accomodation
  • Breakfast daily.
  • Guiding ,camel,food, kitchen ….

Price Excludes

  • Personal need
  • Drinks
  • Turban



4 Reviews

5 Excellent
  1. Two week Sahara expedition
    Our time in the Sahara Desert with Mustapha was amazing, he is very reliable, he knows the desert perfect and is willing to answer all 1000 questions we had. We definitely can recommend it!

  2. Magical time in the desert
    We had a great short trip to Moustaphas camp in the desert. Food was delicious and sharing time with Moustapha was really special. I defintiely recommend going there! It is a safe and peaceful place.

  3. The best Sahara experience
    Two days in the Sahara desert, starting from Foum Zguid, with our guide Mustapha. We had a Jeep to cross the desert, and stopped in two nomad camps to stay overnight. Every night there was a special dinner with a wonderful tajine, mint tea and songs around the fire. Berber tent were clean and comfy. We also made sand boarding and a camel excursion through the desert.
    Seeing the sun raise and set on the top of a dune is the best experience in my life!
    Highly recommended!
    Thank u Mustapha!

  4. 11 days through the desert on foot.
    It was a great and special trip with a great group of adventurers and 3 really professional and friendly Berber guides with 9 camels. Our guide Mustafa was extremely knowledgeable and he and his team made great efforts to accommodate our craving for adventure, great landscapes, sportive challenges and the unique desert feel that so many seek. It was alround perfect and I can only recommend this special and trustworthy team.

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