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Bivouac Les nomades 💯% nomades Special Offer

Foum zguid camel treeking

Bivouac Les nomades 💯% nomades Special Offer

This trekking of 5days by camels from Elmadouar Elkbiir ,which is a very nice ,calm, beautiful place situated around 18 kilometers from last city foum zguid.the place take also the name of tajine mountain due to the shape of the big mountain who resemble like a tajine.



Day 1:  – at 15:30 we start from foum zguid with 4×4 from foum zguid the oisis of Elmadouar lkbiir, where we will meet the nomade camel team, the camp is already made.

Day 2 : from Elmadouar lkbiir – Elmadouar sghiiir

Elmadouar lkbiir
Sahara trekking

Big advanture is waiting!

The next morning after breakfast .we take our day need and start crossing the big mountain of Elmadouar lkbiir to the south side, to enjoy the amazing view from the top of the big mountain, before we continue to the place where we camp which is the plateau of Elmadouar sghiir. Around 20 klm from the last oisis

Day3:  -from Elmadouar sghiir we visit a family nomades, and continue to cross the dry lake iriki ( one of the main biggest lake in Morocco).in the middle of the lake we will say hello to the first small sand dunes ,the night will be in that place between the dunes. Next to the fire you will discover the history of the dry lake called lake iriki and the commercial caravans that was at that time.

Day 4: – cross the rest of the dry lake iriki and reach the big dune of lake iriki called Erg Elmhazil.where we will pass the last night in Bivouac les nomades which is a traditional standard camp. After dinner we will celebrate together the end of the programme next to the fire with Berber music

Day5 – after having breakfast,in Bivouac les nomades WE will take the 4×4 to visit the nomadic school ,the old ksar in the village of sidi abd Enabi tout discover the history of some nomade tribes ,the history of the fother of the tribe of Elmhazil called abdenabi. The village take his name till now . We continue direction foum zguid ,visit the fousils and return back to foum zguid. In which we will visit the old kasbah of Oum hensh which is the origine of foum zguid.

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  1. We went from foum zguid to lake iriki desert,with Bivouac les nomades nomades team. It was just amazing tour in my life .it is very simple but very beautiful and the food was local and delicious. It was great amazing authentic tour.
    Thank you Mustapha . I will definitely come back and recommend my friends

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